Our potential partners are

Managers workshops, body shops and other professions related to the automotive sector interested in increasing their volume of business and offer new services.

The recipients of our services

  • Dealers and showrooms
  • Owners of large cars, luxury or vintage
  • Private motorists

To become our partner

No need to buy machinery as the reconstruction, repair and / or beauty treatments are not performed directly by the partner but the center-Wheel Car.
Indeed, once you accept the quote of the Wheel-Car, one of our courier partners withdraw from the object on which to intervene and deliver it to the seat; it will be the latter that will repair and / or reconstruction of the same.

Once the intervention of the piece will be returned to the Partner, which will be recognized commissions previously established.

It follows, therefore, the futility of supporting the costs of renting a room for repairs.

The activity can be done part-time or full time, and also by a single person.

N.B. The granting of a point in the Partnership (Partner) is subject to the unquestionable judgment of Wheel-Car about the possession of requirements.