Become our affiliate

Our affiliates are potential

  • Managers workshops, body shops and other professions related to the automotive sector interested in increasing their volume of business and offer new services.
  • Young people in search of new job opportunities that ensure their standard of living is quite satisfactory.
  • Young people with strong entrepreneurial spirit interested in the automotive sector.

The recipients of our services

  • Dealers and showrooms
  • Owners of large cars, luxury or vintage
  • Individuals

What is needed to start the business as Affiliate

  • It is not necessary to purchase machinery. In fact, after the conclusion of the contract, Wheel-Car will provide to our Affiliate complete set of equipment and the first supply products.
  • The activity can also be done at the customer’s address, whether it is private or company.
  • It is recommended that the availability of a room used as working with a minimum capacity of 2 cars.
  • It is not necessary to have other people over the Affiliate himself, who can choose whether to carry out this activity in a part-time or full time.

What we ask Affiliate

  • Entrance Fee
  • Royalty month from the second year

What we offer Affiliate

  • Practical training at the headquarters of Wheel-Car.
  • Complete set of equipment useful for initial course of business.
  • The opportunity to buy products at one of the participating stores.
  • Concession for the use of use of the mark including the coordinated Corporate (signage, work uniforms, etc..).
  • Advertising medium in the reference area of the Affiliate.
  • Management estimates and / or distribution of customers acquired through our website or our call center depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Financial incentives and access to credit to support the entry fee.

N.B. The grant of a franchise point (Affiliated) is conditioned to the unquestionable judgment of Wheel-Car about the possession of requirements.