The characteristics of our method:

  • Exclusive method (patented);
  • Use of advanced products the result of study and research in the field of plastics, leather and related products;
  • Study and identification of the material to be treated and the most suitable product;
  • Work protocols and security certificates;
  • Proven methodology subject to ongoing research and updates.
In the process of reconstruction we have one goal:
Respect the quality of the materials, without interfering with products that alter the original composition.


Which parts can be repaired?

Our innovative method makes possible the reconstruction, restoration, repair, aesthetic treatment of:

  • steering wheels / steering;
  • dashboards;
  • the center tunnel and side panels;
  • air bag covers;
  • armrests.

What damage can be repaired?

These repairs may be necessary for damage caused by:

  • aging for vintage cars or custom-built;
  • damage from wear and / or scratches;
  • breakage of plastic parts;
  • overheating of plastic parts affected by the sun.

What is the repair?

The reconstruction is divided into three phases:

  • application of special resin on the affected part;
  • operations aimed at redesigning recreate the original effect;
  • final finishing.