Reconstruction dashboards

Wheel-Car takes care ofrebuilding steering, dashboards and plastic parts of cars.. It 'an increasingly requested by customers who wish to keep your car in good condition and then rely on us to eliminate the wear and tear off the steering wheel or plastic parts.

We use techniques and materials that do not damage the tissues or the original composition of plastic parts: at the end of treatment the steering wheel or dashboard will shine like new and give new elegance and cleaning the entire interior of the car.
"The car is like a marriage can last a lifetime, but it needs constant care and attention"


The steering wheel of your car is worn out? The sun has ruined the dashboard or the interior? Wheel-Car has successfully tested an innovative system to treat these parts of the car and bring them back to life.

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The formula franchise-Wheel Car and workshops aimed at BODY: discover the characteristics of supply and revenue opportunities with the exclusive services of rebuilding steering wheel and dashboard-Car.

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Centers Wheel Car

The network of affiliates grows continuously Wheel-Car: find the center closest to your city council and ask for a repair of the steering, dashboard or other internal parts of your car.

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